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Thursday, July 21, 2011

♥Crave♥ Rarest Vintage and Personal Selections (40's and up)

30's/40's Sheer Organza Dickie $45Victorian Hat $75
Handcarved 30's/40's Cameo bronze clip on screwback earrings $45

Late 40's size 5-6 $65

late 20's-early 30's size 4.5 $50

early to mid 1800's kid leather

Edwardian Tissue Silk Blouse $5

Edwardian Silk Blouse $55

Edwardian Silverstone Metal Sash Pin $55 Edwardian Muskrat Fur Muff With Velvet $90

Edwardian Silk Blouse $55

Eswardian Cotton Blouse W Mother of Pearl Back Buttons

Edwardian Cotton Blouse $30 Early 1900's Straw Topper $40

Early 1800's $65

Corset Cover 1900's $45

Chambray Cotton Edwardian $60

1900's Lace Organza top $60 1900's Black Bear Collar Wrap

40's Wooden Beaded matching necklace & Clip on earrings $35

40'ss Tilt Ostrich Hat $95

40's 3 inch sculpted heel size 4 $55

40's Ermine MuffLate 40's Early 50's size 4.5 $65

Late 40's Early 50's Rhinestone Brooch $35

30's Rayon Yarn Crochet Top $75

30's Swimsuit $55

30's Vintage Blouse $4030's Rhinestone Earrings $55

30's Pocketbook W Deco Detailing $55

30's Pixie Hat $55

20's Cloche $75