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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Old Hollywood Beauty Inspiration: Dolores del Rio

A mexican from a affluent family with spanish (meaning spaniard) ancestry, Dolores set out to become an actress after her family lost their wealth after the Mexican Revolutionary War. She may not be a household name, but in Mexico she is the quintessential face of femininity and is considered something of mythical status throughout Latin America. Even Marlene Dietrich considered her friend Dolores "The most beautiful woman".

Before Rita Hayworth, it was Dolores that was wrapped around Orson Welles arm. He considered her his 'Greatest Love'. That man sure did have his way with beautiful woman! It must've been the whole genius autuer thing ;p

She was popular with American audiences in the 20's, 30's and 40's, and starred alongside fred and ginger (and taking top billing), Anthony Quinn, Sophia Loren, James Stewart and even Elvis Presley. But once it became hard to find good roles and make box office hits in Hollywood, she left to mexico to revive her film career. She didn't come back to Hollywood until the 60's.

Some other facts: She was a devout Roman Catholic, she is one of the 'Four Ladies of Hollywood' gazebo near Hollywood's Walk of Fame, She studied Dance and she was married three times, widowed once and produced no children. Which is a shame, really. Those kids would've been stupid stunning!

The second most popular silent film star of her time, just behind Mary Astor. She was one of the few exotic types (Pola Negri and Theda Bara were the other two) in a sea of blondes.

Ummm, she has a Barbie. This is pure awesomeness!

Flapper style

What else is there to say other than she aged beautifully, maintained her refined femininity and became a reknowned and respected Actress throughout the world.

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