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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Beauty Inspiration: Natalie Wood p.II

So you know how much I love Natalie Wood. Here I am again to focus on her beauty! I love copying the way she did her eye makeup. I also have round eyes, so I use her cateye style liquid liner as an inspiration.

This pic has two very cool points: 1. her amazing eyeliner. 2. her amazing braids.

Sort of a softly lined eye with possibly the coolest bobbed hair ever

Friday, March 8, 2013

Fashionable Fur-Tography


Ermine Muff

Ermine Art

Fox Stole


Even Bianca Jagger liked some Gorilla fur...


Lynx done Old Hollywood style


Russian Sable
Looks amazing, doesn't it!

Garbo and her Wolf collar

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Street Style From Around the World


Overall, I notice so much oversized quirky layers and hats! There's a sense of humor and lightheartedness when approaching fashion.


I love the slightly avant garde, fetishy approach to style in hong kong. It can be a bit dark and edgy.


I'm rather surprised by the westernized style. Kind of a mixed bag of feminine and trendy.


Everybody loves Italian style. Especially the Italians. I found a lot of black, gray and chicness. The bright color of choice seems to be cobalt.


Mexican Street Style has to one of my favorites! It's so colorful and feminine!


Again, lots of gray, black and pops of Cobalt. Tons of chunky scarves and skinny jeans. Parisians know what they likeand always look so put-together!


Very high-fashion or a kind of funky casual cool vibe. Loved the spanish looks!


Chunky layers, Sleek slacks and so much black!


Playful, youthful, and a bit tongue in cheek.

Miranda Kerr's Dress

From the side...

The draping and the icy blue color...

from the front...

and the back...

From every angle, this dress is amazeballs. Yes. I say amazeballs now.