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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fashion, Chicago Style

Sam from Brilliant Pebbles

Chipstie (AKA Chicago Hipster Riding a Fixed-Gear Bike)

Just call us the 'Indie City' ;p

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Style for Spring!!

Sunglasses by Benetton. I was going for a slightly retro (hence the swing sweater ;p), minimalist vibe ;p. The cuff is from my friend, June.

The shoes are by Nine West. The clutch is a handcrafted piece with a stone clasp in front (sorry that my hand is blocking it!) by Marion Hayden. The necklace is from my friend, June. My grandmother gave me the gold bangles. Again, I go for a stark minimalist look. I like colorblocking ;p (btw, why can't my hair behave itself?)
The beautiful necklace was given to me by my friend, June. It's from a museum! I paired it with the dress she gave me as well. The black hobo bag is an old one from The Gap. It's still in tip top condition. The Sunglasses are from United Colors of Benetton. Again, I go for a colorblocking boho minimalist look these days!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

My Academy Awards Worst Dressed List

I know, I know. It's not the worst look The grungy Twilight star has worn. But seriously, The Oscars is a Fashion Show, I expect a degree of calculated risks to be taken. Not pretty and safe, but risk-taking. She's as cute as a button, but this dress is killing me!! It's over-embellished, and too frumpy.
Maggie has a cute figure, but I can barely stand this bright, tablecloth patterned gown!
Again, for purely boring me to tears, she is on this list. There's something awfully uninspired about Marischka Hargitay's dress.
Again, Winslet chose something bland, safe and proper. She looks quite austere and lifeless.

Kristen Stewart: C, Carey Mulligan: D, Maggie Gyllenhaal: D, Marischka Hargitay: C-, Kate Winslet: D

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Oscar Style Picks

This is unfortunately an polarizing dress by the media's bland standards, but I love how risk-taking she was! Zoe Saldana elegantly wore this high-drama Givenchy confection. I am thrilled that someone didn't play it safe and instead, went high-fashion!! The color was perfect and the detailing was pure art. Fashion should first and foremost, always be art!
Every true fashionista knows this.
Diane Kruger Looked stunning in this unique, striking Chanel gown. I thought it was a fresh and very feminine look!
So glad this Armani Prive dress was worn!! I originally chose it for Sandra, but Lopez blew me away! She looked glamorous and old-hollywood (although I was not crazy about her hair).
I had a feeling she would wear black ;p. This was an unexpected sexy turn for Tina Fey.
Very similar to the dress I wanted her to wear, but this dress had less drama, and was in a vibrant shade of pink instead. I LOVE the romantic ruffles!

Penelope always makes my best dress list ;p. She hardly misses a note.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

And If I Were Going To The Oscars...

...A girl has gotta dream ;p.
Dress by Herve Leger

And Now For The Presenters...

Kristen Stewart is so anti-fashion it's deadly. Literally. She is looking worse and worse everytime I see her. If she still has any care left in her, I'd put her in this Herve Leger. Kate Winslet is one of the consistently classy stars in Hollywood. However, I think she needs to start taking some risks. She loves figure-hugging gowns and grecian-style. I would put her in this regal red chanel. No more GRECIAN!!!
Zoe Saldana is tall, thin and stunning. I would love to see the Avatar star in this Salmon-colored Chanel. (sans the bow in the hair ;p)
Tina Fey would look freakin' divine in this black Herve Leger.

What I Want To See at the Oscars

Sandra Bullock is the favorite to win. So who better than she to wear this old-hollywood throwback by Armani Prive? Penelope Cruz is Nominated for Nine. She is known for wearing frothy, romantic confections, so I would love to see her in this beautiful Armani Prive.
Carey Mulligan would look exquisite in this Lanvin gown. She tends to dress conservative and a bit to old for her young 20-something age. She is still a relative unknown, so I want to see her in this feminine, grandeur gown. It's conservative enough for her to wear, but incredibly eye-catching and star making. Anna Kendrick is another young star and first time nominee. If she wants to garner some star attention, I'd advise to wear this Marchesa gown. She is a pretty starlet who could pull of a dress like this with grace.
Maggie Gyllenhaal tends to dress quirky. She never plays by the rules and always takes risks on the carpet. That is why I chose this Marchesa gown for her. It is form-fitting enough to show off her figure and has interesting detail at the side. It is a hard dress to pull off, but she is a unique star who can wear it.
Just because Gabourey Sibide is a larger size, doesn't mean she should play it safe in black. She is nominated for Precious, her first nomination and film debut, and she should come out on the carpet like a true star. I would love to see her in this Armani Prive dress.
Vera Farmiga is one of the MOST beautiful women in Hollywood. She is not too well known in the states, but always gives an intense performance in her films. She is elegant and toned enough to pull off this extreme opulent Marchesa gown.

A fashion Stylists jobs is to take in consideration their clients body type, hair, eye and skin coloring and personal taste. For instance, You wouldn't put a punk rock girl in a frilly barbie doll pink dress, nor would you put a plus-sized woman in something skin-baring. It's your job to make them look and feel their best without changing who they are. That is how I came up with all these looks. The Academy Awards is a celebration of talent and style. Lately, the looks have all been safe and boring, so I would bring back the drama, the opulence, the over-the-top glamour, to the the nominees.