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Thursday, April 1, 2010

THIS reminds me of spring!!!

Yes!!! Finally Spring has arrived here in Chicago! I am so done with the cold weather, heavy coats and wool, wool, WOOL!! Today is April first and I'm also glad to share that my tennants right above me (the noisiest people who ever lived) will no longer keep the building awake at 4AM moving and throwing furniture on the ground since they are moving : ). And yes, they would actually move and THROW furniture on the ground for hours at a time because there was like, 8 to 10 people living up there!!
Other news in my life is that I will finally give into my bike and ride it places ;p. I can't (God-willing) become a 'fixed-gear hipster', but I'll enjoy the exercise and fresh air and not having to take the bus so often ;p.
I wish everyone a happy (and fashionable) Spring!

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