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Friday, March 1, 2013


It's almost been a year since I was last on tv. I was the featured model for a segment on upcycling hideous vintage garments on ABC7's Earth Day style spot last April. I laughed at the footage when I rewatched it. I looked so confident and terribly bored...like a real model does haha. But inside I was a bundle of nerves. So terrified that at one point I wanted to run off the set and throw up! It had been years since I was last seen on tv (both were also modeling for fashion segments --I was 15 for my appearance on N~beat and 19 for another ABC7 style segment. Both times I was nervous, but functional). What made matters worse was the on-set Diva behavior of a certain unnamed individual who styled me and threw fits constantly about miniscule things, like 'Dear God!! Your wearing a fucking yellow ponytail holder!?! How could you! It's clashing with everything around you!! I'll be ruined!' or complaing that the news lady Linda, was not that into her and should find a new day job. Oh, the glamour of it all.

Here's footage of me modeling, thank you for watching :)


And a screen shot of me, in a grotesque 40's vintage monstrosity of a dress that will be transformed into something wearable for those who don't enjoy shielding their eyes from polyester nightmares, on the Earth Day Fashion Segment.

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