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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cookbook Release

Hi all! I'm back with some news: My mother just wrote her first cookbook! It is available on Amazon and kindle http://www.amazon.com/From-Scratch-Ms-Amy-Melecio/dp/1482614901/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1364977213&sr=8-1&keywords=c.+amy+melecio

A little about my mums background: She has over 15 years of baking experience, is a graduate of the French Pastry School and has worked alongside renowned Master Chefs, including Stephanie Izzard of Girl and the Goat, and has catered to french dignitaries.
 My mother knows over 400 recipes, including breads, desserts but not including savory items. Because, honestly, I have nooo idea how many savory items she knows. There's a lot!
She also makes drinks, like this Mexican rice based drink, Horchata, from scratch. Look for her next book,   cocktail recipes, this Summer. 

My mother is also a clothing designer. Now you know where my obsession with clothes started from! Her fashions have appeared on N~Beat, AmericanLatino TV and ABC7 Chicago. She owned/designed for Modern Image Fashion House and currently owns/designs for Designs by Ami. 

Fun fact: My mother and her sister, Martha, are often collaborators. All the pictures you see here on this post were taken by Martha! Tremendously talented sisters!

Speaking of collaborations, My Aunt and Mother are in the process of having their first show. A cooking show of course ;p (Martha has 2 decades of being a production assistant under her belt and has written scripts and worked behind the scenes of WNBA games and currently works at JBTV, as an editor. She has a degree in Broadcast Journalism and had a popular podcast, DJ Nikki C, which she is rebooting.)

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