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Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Oscar Style Picks

This is unfortunately an polarizing dress by the media's bland standards, but I love how risk-taking she was! Zoe Saldana elegantly wore this high-drama Givenchy confection. I am thrilled that someone didn't play it safe and instead, went high-fashion!! The color was perfect and the detailing was pure art. Fashion should first and foremost, always be art!
Every true fashionista knows this.
Diane Kruger Looked stunning in this unique, striking Chanel gown. I thought it was a fresh and very feminine look!
So glad this Armani Prive dress was worn!! I originally chose it for Sandra, but Lopez blew me away! She looked glamorous and old-hollywood (although I was not crazy about her hair).
I had a feeling she would wear black ;p. This was an unexpected sexy turn for Tina Fey.
Very similar to the dress I wanted her to wear, but this dress had less drama, and was in a vibrant shade of pink instead. I LOVE the romantic ruffles!

Penelope always makes my best dress list ;p. She hardly misses a note.

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